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Gotta Love Prescriptions!
Life is a Bitch
Life is Still a Bitch
Blog? Alrighty then.

Tuesday, 17 August 2004

Howdy Again
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: Gotta Love Prescriptions!
Hi. I haven't posted to this thing. I'd try that "nobody else does" thing to see how it felt.
I am chillin' though. I have a prescription for xanax. Gotta love the hell out of that. I'll probably pass out in the desk chair again though...
As far as the lousy assed boyfriend thing goes, well I sent his whore a text message telling him he's a free bird. She says he's not with her, that she and her supposed boyfriend are in Maryland. Well, good for you. I hope you die on your way back. Understand why my "skin" is skulls now? I don't give a fuck. I really hope this. Not many people like the ugly bitch anyway. She's a waste of total air. Especially in my life.
I made a decision a week ago or so. I'm really done with him. He made this choice on his own. I have not see him in two weeks. I would in all honesty love to be a close friend of his though. I wish he would call or come around or something just so I can tell him this. I'd like to say, "Now that I'd rather die than ever date you, sleep with you, or offer you more than my cheek to kiss ever again, you can be my friend." He'll never be able to say I'm a bitch.
Now, about these fuckers I let borrow my van. They will return it tomorrow. They haven't visited since I let them use it. So they can go to hell.
I joined a cool poetry group. Poetry. com. Its a pay site but it introduces you to new poets and gives you real awards for your poetry.
I'm getting to chilled so I guess I'll close this one up for the night. Thanks dear readers. The few you are. :-)

Posted by princessgwyn at 12:23 AM EDT

Wednesday, 11 August 2004

Its me again (and again and again)
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: I have no idea what its called.
Topic: Life is Still a Bitch
Hey. I have been up forever. Its 10:20 a.m. It feels more like P.M. I wish it was. I wish I could just sleep and sleep and sleep. I can't though. I'm an insomniac. Sometimes I get so bad no medication works. I eat the pills and still stay up all night and all day and all night. Sometimes I stay up so long I get high like a crank buzz. My shrink doesn't prescribe narcotics. I need some damn very potent some kind of some shit. Don't you think? Sounds like it to me. I doubt anybody but me is even reading this shit. I just asked mom for some headphones so I can listen to my music. I like it loud as hell and the t.v bothers me being in the background like that and I'll get very irritated the first time mom says to turn the damn thing down. I don't have anyone to talk to. I have bill collectors calling but who the hell wants to talk to them? I just saw on t.v a woman who can right with both hands at the same time, frontwards and backwards. I'll try that in a minute. I took a poetry quiz this morning and found out I am a poetic smarty. Cool. It said I had a lot of experience writing and had developed my own poetic style and what not. I'm proud of it. I can't help it. I can't do shit else. ;-)
I guess I'll go. I ate a Hershey bar and I think I'm going to throw it up. Yuck. Sometimes I could eat a hundred of them and sometimes one makes me sick as hell. I think I'll go try to promote my site. I use to get a lot of visitors but don't really anymore. I don't go trampsing around the net like I use to do. I think I will. Yeah. Ok. Here I go. Oh hell. Get busy. Lah de dah. Damn I am getting so bored. I'll probably right something else later. See ya. :-)

Posted by princessgwyn at 10:27 AM EDT

You know its kinda funny...
Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: Not a damn thing. The kids are asleep and its to early.
Topic: Life is a Bitch
I have some music somewhere. Hang on. One of my favorite songs.Purple Pills/ D12 Ok enjoy that one on me this screwed up sorry day. I put an emoticon that says I'm chillin' but I just chose it because its a pill and I probably look like one by now. I'm a poetic drug addict. Screw it. Live to love or so thats the tattoo I'm getting to cover the huge scar on my wrist left from to much crack leaving to damn sudden or some kinda shit. I freaked out and lost it. Again. I can't blame it on the coke. I've tried suicide about 15 times or so. Mom if your reading this then oh well. I've always told people if they read my shit they deserve what the "git". I live in TN in the US of A by the way so our dialect is somewhat mocked but fuck it. So is Boston and the Bronx and all that and England too. I'd love to talk like the English. I speak "Southern English" I guess you could call it, although I do speak well so as not to look like a dumb ass. I cussed out a doctor once and got booted out of the ER because he insulted our "dialect". I told him to go the fuck home if he didn't like it. I'm only 5 ft tall and 90 pounds. I'm always saying someone will kill me one day for my big mouth. I can't help it. Fuck people and what they think. What I think is damned important too. Does tripod allow the word fuck on this shit? I say it a lot. Its my favorite word or so mom says. Its now 6:17. I've been on this thing for going on an hour now. I lost interest in my site for a year or two but I've been working on it these past few days. I type infinite words per minute so Mom is on the couch next to me probably wondering what the hell I'm typing a mile a minute. I'll go now. I might use this blog shit as my bitch spot so beware. I've got "Class A Bitch" on the front of my cellphone. Have a happy day! ;-)Well now I'm fucking pissed off. My song won't play on this thing. Oh well. I'll leave the link there so you at least know what I wanted to play for you. Oh I forgot to tell you why "Its kinda funny." I woke up this morning very damned early after three hours of sleep and thought about making a diary for my webpage. Then I checked out this weblog shit and loe and behold, its a damned webpage diary. So there. Its not kinda funny anymore but anyway...

Posted by princessgwyn at 6:21 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 11 August 2004 6:23 AM EDT

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