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Paradise like no other,
Was what I felt back then.
Like a beautiful spring day,
All of the time.
Like birds chirping,
And kitty cats playing,
And love everywhere.
Maybe it could have lasted,
Probably it would not.
It just doesn't seem like
The world was like it is
Now, and the sun just never feels,
So damned beautiful.
There was poetry always,
Songs to play and sing,
Like tomorrow really,
Might not come and
Yesterday really didn't matter,
At all.
I Love you forever and ever,
And ever all over again.
Words chanted so many
Beautiful, precious times
That I can still hear,
Their wonderful melody.
I feel like it just went,
With not even a tear.
My sadness will always be
Buried far away.
The birds still sing and
The cats still play,
But really nothing is,
As it was in my yesterdays.