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1. Page must contain poetry (of course). The poetry does not have to be written by you as long as it is legal. (No pages with nothing but links to poetry sites please. That's what a webring is; a list of links.)

2. Poetry must be depressing (most anyway).

3. Must be at least an older teen or an adult because some poetry may contain strong words or content.

4. No pages filled with poetry about chirping birds and beautiful forest scenes, (yuck, boring) unless of course it has a darker nature.

5. Must upload the ring banner to your own website and display it either on your front page or in a place especially for webrings. (If your page is a webtv com. page then you may link to the ring homepage with the title Tormented Souls and address

6. The banner cannot be hidden where no one can find it.

7. You must display the banner and have it working correctly before you can be added to the ring. It should be there when I check for it.

8. I reserve the right to either accept a site or deny it.

9. Page must work correctly. No broken links, tons of mispelled words (normal amount is acceptable), or hard to navigate pages.

10. Please submit pages that are attractive. They do not have to have pretty images or backgrounds, however, I prefer them to look like a page instead of a text file. Plain colored backgrounds are fine. The page simply needs have the look of a finished page. (see the code page for an example of a text file.)

Sound simple enough? Go join! :-)