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Every Story

Every story as an ending,
Whether it be good or bad.
The other day I saw it,
Yet it did not make me sad.
Instead it lifted my heart,
And let it try to fly.
It gave me a little drop of rest,
A hope of saying goodbye.
When I told him he was pretty,
It was not the word in my head,
I felt my heart hurt with love,
"Beautiful", I could have said.
I stood there thinking about him,
And wondering how it could be,
That I could love this child so much,
When he wasn't made with me.
But I once loved his daddy,
With every part of my heart.
And I realized while standing there,
The true reason we had to part.
Now three beautiful children,
Stand upon this wonderful earth,
That might have never been,
Had we given it what it was worth.

October 15,1998