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Little Witchy

Been called one for ages see,
They say thats what I am.
Called me weird,
Don't know bout all that, you know,
Just know who and what I am
For my own tastes and approvals.
Made my sister fall off her bike one time
Cause I squinched up my eyes
And willed it and I tell you
Damn near tore her face off, it did,
And I felt bad.
Made my Daddy wreck his truck
Cause he made me mad, see,
And I wrote it in a rhyme.
Well, my Daddy wouldn't prone to
Wreckin you know, but he wrecks this
Time and when Momma finds my
Little rhyme,
Well, she tore it up, see, and pissed
I got! I tell you, I yell at that woman,
"Whats he gonna do? Burn me?"
I was real mad bout that rhyme you know.
Willed this sorry bastard the fate of
No girls one time, see, and
I tell you, he gots two boys to this day.
Got no little Lady's to-
And I can't never forget that other thing.
Did a stupid love thing one time.
Boy, I tell you, they come out of the
Woodwork! Won't do that no more, see,
Cause I think its still workin and ain't
None a them worth a red cent.
But no matter all this see,
Cause I was me when I was born,
You know,
And I'll be me when I die.

ŠNovember 24,1999