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Smile, Always Knowing I Love You

Hello my darlings, Drake, Poo, and Katie,
Momma's main man and two sexy ladies.
I thought I would write a poem for you,
Figured its the least I could do.

Oh my beauties, how fast you three grow.
You're so much bigger than a year ago.
Yes I know what I'm missing and its a lot,
I hope you know I love you cause its all I got.

Drake, little Drake, how sweet you are,
Sitting there playing with trucks and cars.
My last, my son, yeah, last but not least,
Momma's wonderful, beautiful, little beast.

Poo, my Poo, why do you wanna be a Jazmyn?
If you let me call you Poo sometimes, then you win!
You're and adorable, blue eyed, precious thing,
A pretty angel to mean for wings.

And Katie, oh Katie, just what can I say?
Ms. Independent, "I want it my way!"
God, girl, I love you, so much more than ever,
So beautiful, so smart, delicate as a feather.

You guys are my children, you are mine.
I'll never not love you, fruits of my vine.
I miss you so much, oh yes thats true...
I would truely be nothing without you.

©January 18, 2004