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There's a Guy I Know

There's a guy I know,
I've loved all my life.
One that don't make me puke,
At the mention of "wife".

And yeah he stresses the "co",
While I stress the "caine"
And I have to redo the roach
On the hemo's in vain,

He likes his stupid Corona's
While I get off on pepsi,
And I could stay up longer,
If he'd just fuckin' let me.

But he spells my name right,
And makes me laugh.
So it's o.k he likes showers,
While I like my bath.

Cause his eyes are green,
And so are mine.
And neither one of us ever,
Make it on time.

And we both could sleep,
All hours but night,
And he's as stubborn as I,
But that's alright,

Cause I'll never meet another,
Even close to him.
No one could ever hold me,
Not even then.

So my heart chooses this man,
And my brain matches up.
That tells me I finally,
Want to give a fuck.

When my life of love was over,
Buried and long gone,
I got to do it one final time;
There is no more being alone.

God, I love to love him.
I can't quite get over it,
How the hell I managed to find,
Someone who gives a shit.

©March 30, 2003