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About Me

I am 28 years old. I am insane, legally. Um, I write poetry. Right now I am trying to get this website up and running again like it use to be. It use to be so good. I get sad when I look at it so I thought I would fix a few broken pages and such. I added a few poems tonight. I got off the subject of about me didn't I? Lets see. I have three children. I'm not married. I don't want to get married. I have a boyfriend who hates me or some shit. I don't know. Just read my poetry and you will see. I've been in love and I've been out of love. I've loved life and I've hated it. I've been committed and might even go back. ;-) Here is a picture of me. I hope you like my site. I put a lot of time and effort into it. Thanks. :-)

News flash: My boyfriend and I broke up. Life is getting good. The end. :-)

I am now 36 years old. I have owned this site for many years and love every bit of it. I worked very hard on it to make it a place you would want to visit. Anyway, this is suppose to be about me and like above, I am avoiding the subject. lol I still write all the time. I write poetry mostly though every great now and then a story pops into my mind. I want to publish my work but am frankly to lazy to get it all together, sort through it, and do the hardest part of all- find the ones I think a publisher would like.
Before I die though I plan to have a book of poetry out there in the world, even if it is self-published which to me means either you were to lazy or a publisher didn't like your work. I am sorry but that is my true opinion on that. Do NOT self-publish. Not if you can help it.
Anyway, I have a new boyfriend now that I love with all of my heart. My kids are half grown and I am NOT old. lol I started having them when I was nineteen. That way I would not be old when they were grown and could enjoy my life. However, I do not think women should go around doing this because I lost my mind at 26 and all hell broke loose. Why? Because I had felt trapped and caged for far to long. I'm gonna go now. Perhaps I'll post a new picture soon. :-)