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Well folks, this is it. I've come to my end in this cyber world of poetry. Thank you guys for all the support you have given me the past two years and I am sorry I let most of you, if not all of you down in one way or another. Anyway, live, love, and write and look for me in the book stores as I will be looking for you. :-)

Serena J. Bishop
AKA LadyGwyn

OK. So I looked at my site a year or two later and it was all to hell. I fixed some things and I'll add some things too. Poetry is still everything to me and always will be. Browse through again and see the new shit. I've changed a lot and so has my writing. We learn as we grow. I'm twenty eight. My writing grows with me. Read on. :-)

Welcome to my poetry page! All the poetry on this site was written by me. There isn't much up now but give me time. I just started this not to long ago. There will (eventually) be lots of different poems that I wrote so feel free to come back and visit as often as you like. I hope you enjoy my palace of mostly poetic stuff. Oh and do not forget to.....Sign My Guestbook! I like to know what you think. :-)
(Next time use my new

1999 All poetry contained within these pages is the sole property of S.J.B and is not in any way to be reproduced.

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