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Footprints In The Snow

She stood before me,
Barefoot and glistening wet.
Her fangs were a radiant white,
She had a face I'll never forget.

She took two steps toward me,
I took three steps back.
Her eyes were colored red for evil,
I knew she was about to attack.

The snow was swiftly falling,
The wind was fierce and shrill.
I stood where I was, as did she,
I knew she wanted her kill.

Time wound down, around was peace,
While inside my soul, terror devine.
My mind searched for ways of escape,
Yet fear froze this heart of mine.

I couldn't think, my wits were lost;
No cross around me, no stake in reach,
She was drawing near; I couldn't move,
My blood ran cold. I couldn't breathe.

She let me see those long, sharp teeth,
And reached out to grasp me in her hold.
I was full of fright, my arms paralized,
And no more could I feel the cold.

All of a sudden, her eyes filled with fear!
She stared at me, or above my head.
Wild and frightened, she shrieked!
Then she turned and swiftly fled...

I watched her race away from me,
Feeling confused and alone.
I glanced down at her footsteps,
At next look, they were gone.

The footsteps in the snow were small,
They were covered up so fast.
I sighed as I heard one last cry;
I had found my Love at last.

ŠJanuary 21,1991