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I won't ask you why; I only wish I knew.
This pain will be here always; I love you.
You were one of my two favorite people
And when next I see you beneath that steeple,
I hope your spirit hangs there so you,
Can see your heartbroken words were untrue.
I'll mourn your loss forever and ever,
I thought we would always be together.
The big crowd, your family and friends,
Will show you your memory will never end.
I am still trying to wake up! Why?
Because its all just a nightmare to make me cry.
I am not angry, only hurt inside,
I can't understand why you had to die.
Everyone loves you and mourns for
The best comedian in the world.
I can't believe you wanted to die that way.
I didn't help much, didn't know how to say,
That you were my best friend; I love you.
Whose going to laugh for me? What can I do?
You thought you had nothing but yourself,
And now you should know, everyone else.
I won't scold you, my best friend.
I wish I could see you laughing again.
Everyone hurts and sometimes,
The sun glows while the moon shines.
This is the most horrible pain!
The most unspeakable shame!
I feel as if I am to blame
Cause you needed me and I never came.
This nightmare is so very real.
My heart is the only thing I can feel.
The tears continue to fall off my face,
For the friend no one can ever replace.
I love you, Keri Geneva Poe.
No one knew how far you would go.
I could do nothing but lie in bed,
Holding the phone; praying you weren't dead.
But maybe praying was just to late.
I begged and pleaded but you would not wait!
So now I have to say goodbye,
To my best friend way up in the sky.

©September 29, 1993

In memory of
Keri G. Poe
3-16-76 to 9-28-93