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An Honest Ode

I think I love to hate you,
Wonder how to make you cry.
Come up with how to break even,
If I actually had to try.

You make no sense whatsoever,
And I want you too.
But damned if I don't quit
Wondering what to do.

I like to hope its worth it,
Every great now and then.
Seems I've gotten a bit use to you,
So maybe I'm screwed again.

But hell, I'll keep on sulking,
When I get so damn mad.
Cause its trivial, the arguing,
And crying is "oh so sad".

There's just got to be a human,
Who knows not to give a fuck.
And neither of us know conscience,
So I guess we might be stuck.

And well sometimes I could,
Just beat you all to hell.
But it never takes to long to leave,
As far as I can tell.

Life is what you make of it,
Whatever that fucking means.
Tell that to a stray pack,
Of freaked out, crackhead teens.

Cause life is really here and now,
Never tomorrow or yesterday.
So as long as you want to,
I'll come out and play.

©February 1, 2003