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Me Thinks Me Could Write

Me thinks me could write,
Had I something to say.
But tis a simple waste of ink,
Cause it don't matter anyway.

Yeah, me knows this poem sux,
And it aint no work of art.
I just don't give two fucks,
To jot whats in my heart.

Someone's talking to me.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Cause nothing I say matters,
Below your damn thrown.

Go ahead and say I've lost it.
Wish like hell I would.
Truth is the crazy know their right,
And I'm so misunderstood.

I'm not even right about a pen.
When I know a pen like my name.
Oh God my care is dead,
And I'm bored with the sane.

Just write and write and write,
Till all the pages are filled,
And dream about all the ways,
To have myself killed.

Wonder what the price is,
To have oneself bumped off?
Energy is such a precious gift,
That I lost it with thoughts of cost.

Tired of wasting my fucking life,
Getting nothing ever done.
Cause I'm so freaking stupid,
The dumbest under the sun.

I figure I'll shut the hell up,
Let the "smart folks" win.
Cause the stress isn't worth it,
Why even begin?

I only want the goddamn funds.
Fuck all the bullshit.
Go ahead and play your game,
Cause I'm about to quit.

If its fun to make things hard,
And waste your damn time,
Go right ahead and do it,
I'll just write this talentless rhyme.

I keep hearing how equal you are,
To this one particular boss.
I don't think I should elaborate,
Just more time lost.

Fuck these IQ wars.
I know I'm smarter than you.
Cause it takes a person like that,
To go about it like you do.

Damn its just so easy.
Why make it so hard?
I'm sick to death of it all,
The truck is in the yard.

Think I'll be selfish too.
Since no one gives a shit.
Take that truck and blow it up,
And I'll deal with it.
©Serena J. Bishop