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Stupid Questions

(btw if anyone happens to know an answer to any of my stupid questions you can email me at or post it to my weblog. Of course I don't expect many answers to any of them...)

1. Why the hell isn't there more banana's in a tropical fruit salad?

2. Why do I have to strain and grunt to remove the lid from my drink?

3. My kid just got up. Why do they make kids suffer through early morning bullshit? I'm 28 and can't handle it.

4. I'm brilliant on my IQ tests. Why am I stupid most of the time?

5. My boyfriend is cheating on me with a goddamn ugly fucking bitch. Look at my picture on my "About Me" page. Aint I cute? This is the question of the fucking month if I ever had one. Why would he want to do that???

6. Why am I still calling the mother fucker my boyfriend?

7. My life sux. Why? If you are reading this then your life probably sux too and you might possibly be a manic depressive poet yourself. Help! ;-)

8. Now that my life doesn't suck, (it's 2015 now), what am I supposed to do with it? I have an associates in Business Administration and I am just sitting here twiddling my thumbs on the internet. WTH?