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A Loving Death

He knew it to be his destiny,
She knew it to be her dream.
They stood together silently,
Watching the flowing stream.
The trees swayed in the wind
And the moss showed the way,
But together a silent decision,
A knowing they would stay.
There would be no home here,
No place to hang his hat.
Never would she go shopping,
For that perfect welcome mat.
But this would be their prison,
Their place of endless love.
This would be where life began,
And that was enough.
They had always known it,
Neither could ever pursue,
A life apart from one another,
From a love so pure and true.
The years had wounded them;
They had known hopeless despair.
Now for the others that loved them,
They no longer had a care.
This was what they wanted,
All of the endless, lonely years.
The hope was in both of them,
That this would end their tears.
They knew not why the pain,
The agony of their seperation.
They knew only that it was Hell,
And the end of the desperation.
This would make them one,
This act of undying devotion.
They would be together always,
With one single motion.
Tenderly he took her hand,
Kissing it with delight.
His pain and loss ending,
His soul taking flight.
She smiled at him lovingly,
Squeezing his hand a little.
This was where she wanted to be,
With no one in the middle.
They kissed for a short forever,
Holding each other tight.
The world they wanted so much,
Coming into sight.
He smiled at her with love,
She returned one of joy.
Suddenly her name was called,
But this no one could destroy.
As the shouts grew closer,
They stood where they were,
She looking into his eyes,
And he gazing back at her.
They kissed one more time,
Before he tied their hands,
Together with a string of silver,
Tighter than love understands.
They walked to the top of,
The roaring waterfall,
Tears of happiness falling,
Not hearing the other call.
Counting to three in shouts,
The watchers holding their breath,
She and he fell beautifully,
To a sweet, loving death.

August 21,1999