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Forever With You

I have no pride,
For I hurt so much inside.
I now have such little hope,
My heart is at the end of its rope.
If you are really gone,
I will be forever alone.
I just don't want another guy,
To make me hurt, make me cry.
No, not when love hurts so very much,
Causes broken hearts and such.
Its not like you love me anyway.
Not as much as I love you today!
Oh! The Pain!
You were my hearts cane!
I know what I did was wrong,
But I have waited for you so long!
All of my life it seems,
I've waited for you to silence my screams!
Did you ever love me at all?
Was it dislike from the first call?
I wish you would love me forever,
I so much need for us to be together!
Oh! The Pain!
My tears fall like rain!
I wish you would stay and not go!
Loosing you makes me hurt so!
I won't leave, I will wait.
When you come back it won't be to late.
I won't beg, and I won't plead,
But loosing you makes my soul bleed!
One day I will have no heart.
I do not want one if we're apart.
Even if you leave me today,
Tomorrow, come and stay!
Breaking up only makes you go,
God, how I hurt so!
Oh! The Pain!
You were my hearts crane!
When I was down or feeling low,
Your love would make it go!
No matter what it takes, I'll do,
Just to be Forever with you.

ŠAugust 29,1992